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with Trusted Private Health Insurance Agents

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Our Process

Our mission is to make finding the right agent/plan for your family as easy as possible without having to take 100 phone calls from unqualified telemarketers.

We hand select our agents to ensure you are only speaking with reputable agents that specialize in the type of coverage that you are seeking.

Agent Screening

We vet all of the private health insurance agents that we partner with and ensure they maintain 4 out of 5 star reviews to continue working with us.


Tell Us About You

You, the individual, fills out our form and based on how you answer the information, we match you with the best agent for you and your family.



We provide your information to that agent, and only that agent, to get the process started.


Quality Assurance

After your initial meeting with the agent, we follow up with you to ensure that you received the best experience and help possible.


Why Private Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Marketplace plans are often not the best solution for small business owners and self-employed individuals making 6-figures or more.

Typically, you’re paying for things that you don’t need at a higher cost because you are not being offered a plan based on the health and needs of your family.

Private health insurance allows you to customize a plan for your needs specifically. Historically, getting private health insurance has been a hassle because you don’t know who to trust and most companies sell your information to 20+ agents who aren’t the right fit for you.

Enter Coverage Connection. We understand your frustrations and we want to help.

Hear About Us

Using Coverage Connection was the best decision I’ve made. I found a great agent & didn’t have to worry about being bombarded with calls & emails from 20 other agents that my information would have been sold to if I used another company.

Tom D.

My agent truly has my best interest at heart and I never would have found him without Coverage Connection.

Jake M.

We were avoiding the hassle of finding private health insurance because the marketplace plans just weren’t a good fit for us. Coverage Connection took so much stress out of the process.

Sarah L.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Privacy Policy

Coverage Connection is a referral company for the vetted and trusted private health insurance agents. We help small business owners find the best agent to help them customize a plan to fit their needs.

Let Us Find You The Right Health Insurance Agent

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Let Us Find You The Right Health Insurance Agent

How do you match me with an insurance agent?

We ask that each individual fill out a detailed form about themselves, their family, and their needs so that we can match you with an agent that is best equipped to serve you.

Why should I use Coverage Connection instead of going to someone directly?

Coverage Connection vets every single agent before they’re able to become a recommended partner & we ensure all agents maintain a 4 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating.

Is Coverage Connection free to use?

Yes, Coverage Connection is completely free for you to use.

Is my information sold to a bunch of people?

No, we only share your contact information with the one agent we believe is best fit for you and your family based on how you fill out a detailed form.

We’ll connect you with a vetted agent for a FREE, no-obligation quote. No spam, ever.

We’ll connect you with a vetted agent for a FREE, no-obligation quote. No spam, ever.

We’ll connect you with a vetted agent for a FREE, no-obligation quote. No spam, ever.